Construction Management

Black has a team of experienced in-house construction managers. Once the job has been awarded, they will provide a program, ensure site set up and operation occurs in line with best practice health and safety and ensure that you are kept aware of any variations or delays that may occur. You’ll have an exclusive point of contact throughout the duration of the job, giving you ultimate confidence and support.

Our Process

1Design management In house design that can work independently or with your chosen architect or interior designer.
2Consent We understand the consenting process and will work with council and your lead consultant to ensure that it comes out on time.
3Cost Management Our in house quantity surveyor working with your architect or ours will ensure we value engineer your design to guarantee you are getting value for money. We will make sure budget is complete and can stand up to any scrutiny.
4Delivery A dedicated construction manager will manage your program and report to you on a regular basis. We will work with the building manager to make sure disruption to your fellow tenants and the public in minimised.
5Compliance Compliance is always at the forefront of our process, we will ensure that your design is up to code. We’ll work with Council to resolve any issues they identify so you can occupy on time.
6Post Completion We will make sure that any defects are resolved quickly and with minimal disruption so you can get on with business.
1Health and safety We take Health and Safety seriously, Hazard Co have developed a policy so our sites are safe and all subcontractors are pre-qualified.
2Quality Assurance Draft quality assurance policy in place – currently being audited for ISO 910 compliance.
3Risk Management We know that risk needs to be managed that’s why we like well defined scopes, complete design packages and fixed priced contracts. If there is anything we are unsure about we’ll let you know and work together to resolve it.
4Insured and Compliant We work with Lumley Insurance, Site Safe and Hazard Co to keep compliant. We hold $10,000,000 of public indemnity insurance, so if something does go wrong the buck stops here.